Digital Media in the Primary Classroom

Review: The Media Show – Greenwashing

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On this episode of The Media Show, puppet hosts Ema and Weena mock and highlight how media and advertising campaigns use misleading tactics to ‘greenwash’ consumers regarding the environmental practices of large corporations. This includes:

  • Use of a green screen to show picturesque backgrounds and seem environmentally savvy
  • Use of broad, vague, irrelevant or simply fake claims
  • Use of awards and celebration to inflate perception of industry and legislative approval of company practices

This video clip is a great resource for teaching students about the media – its purpose, intent and credibility. By being made aware of how companies can intentionally mislead consumers and identifying key tactics, students are better equipped to know what to look out for when consuming information on the internet. In a time where online content is highly accessible and sought out by children, and when children are highly influenced by external factors, the skills to discern credible and accurate information is of great importance and value.

Furthermore, the format of the segment is perfect for the classroom – it is easy to follow, informative, humorous and engaging; and displays a real world example (BP advertisement) as well as step-by-step unpacking of the sins of greenwashing for students to easily understand – all within 3 minutes!


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