Digital Media in the Primary Classroom

Sample Class Blogs

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Year 6RC – Life in Year 6

Age group: Stage 2-3

This is a great example of a class blog as it is informative, collaborative and engaging. The blog is comprised of posts by different ‘student reporters’ who write about different topics such as the school’s 106th birthday, sports training, and recounting interesting or funny activities and events that happen in class.

There are also numerous links to other class blogs around the world. This indicates that this class is an active participant in the global blogging community and is open to sharing and collaborating with other classes.

Content/features that I particularly like about this blog are:

  • ‘Blogging Guidelines’ page outlining rules to ensure safety for the class – this is great practice for sharing any content online
  • ‘Flag Counter’ to indicate the number of visitors to the page and where they are from – this is a wonderful tool to keep students engaged and excited about their blog and its spreading popularity
  • Having different ‘student reporters’ for posts – this allows equal contribution by students about topics that interest them
  • Equal balance of visuals and written commentary to engage the audience

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.29.30 PM

The Ins & Outs of Year Four, Room Five

Age group: Stage 2-3

This comprehensive class blog is a great example of using blogging to share class learning activities. There are sections for different topic areas including Maths, Art, Science and Sport; as well as information written to communicate with parents,  such as the importance and requirements of a home learning program.

The blog has won numerous awards, including the Interface Blog of the Year and Edublog World Blog of the Year nominee. While they have been successful with the blog it is interesting that the class is trialling moving to Twitter as their primary online platform.

Content/features that I particularly like about this blog are:

  • Categorisation of posts into various learning areas, as this helps to navigate a content-rich blog
  • Varied and interesting links to class blogs they collaborate with and other educational resource sites
  • Links to individual student online portfolios which showcases each student’s work, achievements and learning insights. This is a great way to engage students, provide accountability for their work and blog, and allow them to share their successes with the wider online community
  • Links to the class’s Twitter, Youtube and Edmodo indicates the class is keen to make the most of new literacies to enhance their learning experience

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